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Hollywoodbets Argyle, Durban
Senza Ngothando

Small Gestures Go A Long Way

Hollywoodbets Argyle chose Senza Ngothando Charity as their organisation of choice for Hollywood's Social Responsibility Program.

Senza Ngothando Charity, which means “doing with love”, is a non-profit organisation based in Inanda Newtown C. Their main objectives are to make a difference in the community, fight poverty and crime as well as encourage the sick and unemployed.

This organisation feeds +/- 200 people on a day-to-day basis and they operate in a community hall.
On behalf of the Hollywood group and as a gesture to give back to the community, we saw a need of sponsoring them with the basics (1 gas burner stove, 4 large pots, 3 fold tables, 1 large urn, cleaning equipment, 40 chairs, 60 plates, 60 cups, 250 spoons and other small items).

Hollywoodbets Argyle

The Hollywoodbets Argyle at the Senza Ngothando Charity - Durban