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Hollywood a Shining Light for the Youth Centre

Hollywood King Williams Town chose the KWT Child and Youth Care Centre as their organisation of choice for Hollywood's Social Responsibility program. The team talks about their visit here.

We went to deliver our donations to the KWT home on 19/09/2014, and we were greeted by the manager Amanda. She welcomed us and was so excited to see us with the gifts.

We donated two twin-maid washing machines, pots, steam irons, kettles and much needed other items.

Amanda then showed us around the premises and explained what they do here at the KWT Child and Youth Care Centre. She showed us all  of the 5 houses that care for the children.  These children, who are young as 12 months old, are brought here by social workers because they have been abused or completely neglected by their parents.

Amanda has workers that assist in taking care of the babies and older children. These ladies and the home are responsible for the following tasks:
  • They cook all meals for the day
  • They wash the clothes for the young children
  • They send the children to school
  • The have a soccer team which the children play in
They afford doing the following tasks purely from fund raising.

We believe that Amanda and her team are doing a great job, They give all the love they can to these children, and they all love them dearly. She communicates to them with love, respect and care.

We shed tears as Amanda was telling us their story. She said we are the first company to sponsor them and she was so appreciative. We are so glad to work for such a company that brings light to the lives of innocent human beings, giving them hope for the future.

Well done team Hollywood, and thank you for giving back!

If you would like to donate to this worthy cause, please contact Amanda on the following details. They would really appreciate the assistance. Thank you in advance:
KWT Child and Youth Care Centre
Amanda Coetzee
Phone 043 6421932
Fax 043 6422252
Email -
1 Syringa Road, Central KWT, 5600

Donations from the Hollywoodbets King Williams Town team to the KWT Child and Youth Care Centre - CSI - Social Responsibility
Hollywoodbets King Williams Town donated much needed goods to the KWT Child and Youth Care Centre