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Christmas Comes Early For The Aged

Hollywood Mthatha donates new bedding and dining room equipement to Zingisa Rehab & Old Age Home in the Eastern Cape. This is part of Hollywood's Social Responsibility Program.

This charity organisation needed new beddings, comforters, sheets, a dining room table and chairs as the existing items they were using were very old, broken, faded, tattered and torn. We were very fortunate and proud to have been in a position to assist this charity organisation with their needs.

Our team were warmly welcomed by the Matron, Nomanono Songelwa, and the people living at the centre. Some were even singing, dancing and praying, as they expressed their gratitude! It was an overwhelming experience to say the least.

We started our presentation and all the team members that assisted with the hand over personally prepared something special as entertainment for the event. Ntando sang a song, Zama told a short story, Siboniwe wrote a poem and read it, and the rest of us offered words of encouragement and some massaged the elderlies’ shoulders.

Everyone was so impressed with our gesture and some even commented that Christmas came
early this year! Their gratitude was truly heartfelt, and they could hardly contain their excitement
as anticipation of sleeping on crisp new bedding was building. Hugs and smiles were generously
exchanged for the duration of our visit.

Matron Nomanono Songelwa, made a small speech to express her gratitude and what was truly inspiring was that she said that because they are constantly struggling to keep the centre operational, she is frequently haunted by thoughts of having to close the centre down! But our efforts has inspired new hope in her, and because of our contributions and offering of our time, she now has found a new resolve and renewed motivation to keep the centre open to all those in need.

It was a bitter sweet moment for all of us, seeing all the smiles, laughter and gratitude, but then also hearing the sad stories and seeing the loneliness in so many of the elderly people’s eyes. We were very fortunate to spend time at the centre with all the people and to offer words of hope and encouragement.

Hollywoodbets Mthatha donates much needed goods to the Zingisa Rehab & Old Age Home