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Eastern Cape
Hollywoodbets Parliament St
Zanethemba Children’s Haven

Toys and Necessities Bring Smiles

Hollywood Parliament Street donated various items to children in need at Zanethemba Children’s Haven in the Eastern Cape. This is part of Hollywood's Social Responsibility Program.

Zanethemba Safe Haven takes care of abused, abandoned and orphaned children mainly in the age group of 1-6 years old. They work together with the Department of Social Development and Child Welfare Organisations, like Child-Line and ACVV. There are three ladies that have been well trained by the organisation, taking care of the children 24/7.

We chose this Charity Organisation because we were inspired by the great work they are doing in helping the community. The lengths this organisation is willing to go to ensure that these destitute children have a safe haven is truly awe-inspiring.

Zanethemba Safe Haven houses, feeds, educates and counsels the children at the centre and try to create a stable and loving environment for them. The safe house has a community project for the children, which includes play-days (every Saturday), holiday programmes and a football club that has 80 active members. In addition, the organisation also works with troubled youth and have exit strategies for gang members, youth at risk and those affected by the scourge of drugs. It also has substance abuse programs in the Northern areas of Port Elizabeth.

The Hollywood Parliament Team sponsored Zanethemba Safe Haven with the following:
• Overhead projector
• Surround sound DVD player
• Child safety gate
• Tables & chairs
• Diapers & changing mats
• Soccer balls and party packs

On 24 January 2013 the Parliament Street team did the hand over at the Zanethemba Safe Haven. The response we received was fantastic! The kids were thrilled with their party packs and everyone were very grateful for all the items we donated. It brings us great joy to be a part of this wonderful outreach program and we look forward to many more years of community improvement projects.

Hollywoodbets Parliament Street (Port Elizabeth) with donations made to the Zanethemba Children’s Haven

Children from the Zanethemba Children’s Haven with donations from Hollywoodbets Parliament Street (Port Elizabeth)