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Education is a key to changing lives and personal circumstances. PEN dreams of using this key to open up the future for our youth to access quality education.

Hollywoodbets Barclay Square
PEN Early Childhood Development

Posters Bring Colour To Little Lives

Team Barclay Square went to do the handover at PEN, an early childhood development organisation. They have one crèche on their own premises and support 24 others. It was such an honour to do this handover on behalf of Hollywoodbets; we really helped them so much in their day to day tasks.

They make educational posters for the classrooms for their crèches. They really put such effort into making it pretty and as educational as they can and they do this with very little. The teachers cut out their own pictures and words to make these posters but these don’t last long if not laminated, therefore we thought it would be a great idea to assist them with an A2 laminating machine and laminating pouches. We also got them A3 and A4 laminating pouches.

We also took them A2, A3 and A4 bright coloured cardboard for their posters and bright coloured paper for the children to use for drawing their pictures and performing other tasks expected of them. They also needed plain white paper which we were also able to assist them with.

The teachers do a wonderful job in making the classrooms pretty and as comfortable as possible for the children. For example in the baby room, they have made mobiles to entertain the babies using wool, drawings and soft toys. They have different themes for each school every week, and take educational toys to the crèches aligned to that theme. We hope that our donations will go a long way in helping them with their efforts. We thanked PEN on behalf of Hollywoodbets for all that they have done for the community of Pretoria and what they continue to do.

Learn more about PEN on their website!

Hollywoodbets handing over donations to PEN Early Childhood Development Programme as part of our Social Responsibility Programme

Donations from Hollywoodbets to PEN Early Childhood Development Programme