Leth’Ithemba Children’s Home - Hollywoodbets Alberton

This home based care organisation cares for and teaches 63 children, mostly in classrooms that are falling apart and have no ceilings. 

Hollywoodbets Alberton
Leth’Ithemba Children’s Home

Ceilings To Keep The Heat & Cold At Bay

Makie and Antoinette from Hollywoodbets Alberton went to do the hand-over to Leth’Ithemba, a home based care organisation.

They currently have 63 children in the crèche. Most of the classrooms did not have ceilings, and those that did were falling apart. We thought this would make a big difference, especially in winter, so we arranged to put in ceilings - they were absolutely ecstatic. The classrooms will not be so cold in winter, or so hot in summer.

When the children returned from the school holidays, they immediately noticed this and were so happy. Parents of the children were also very happy. The Chairperson of the board was very grateful and said thank you very much to Hollywood for taking care of them.

They are currently applying for nutrition for the kids from the government, where, if approved they will get R3.82 per child per day. This is not a lot of money, but will make a huge difference and make their lives a little easier.

It was such a pleasure to be able to help Leth’Ithemba on behalf of Hollywoodbets, as they give so much to these kids and the community, and there is often not enough money to pay their salaries. For them it is about the people who need help, this is their first priority – money comes second.

Renovations being made to the Leth’Ithemba Children’s Home courtesy of Hollywoodbets Alberton - CSI - Social Responsibility