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This organisations cares for children infected and affected by HIV/AIDS, while recognizing and developing the God-given potential of every child.

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House of Resurrection

Planting The Seeds Of Hope

Hollywood Korsten donates to and supports House of Resurrection in the Eastern Cape. This is part of Hollywood's Social Responsibility Program.

Our branch chose The House of Resurrection as our charity this year as their cause really touched our hearts. Another deciding factor was that many of our clients are from this area and also nominated the House of Resurrection for our Hollywood Cares project.

Our Korsten team did our charity handover to The House of Resurrection Children’s Haven on the 30th of January 2013. We were warmly welcomed by Rene, one of the people in charge of running the home.

The House of Resurrection Haven was founded in 1994 due to the growing pandemic of HIV and AIDS. The centre has grown over the years and has since been able to provide more services to the community such as training programmes and rehabilitative care to a Foster Cluster Scheme. It is governed by a board consisting of nine members and their staff consists of six house mothers and three assistant house mothers. There are seven supporting staff members to care for the children in need.

The Homes’ main focus is caring for children infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. It also offers a home-like environment for some of the children who are orphaned or abandoned by their families. The home currently has 35 children - 23 boys and 12 girls ranging from 10 months to 14 years of age.

Rene also showed us The Aids Haven Garden of Remembrance which was founded in memorial of all the children that have had their precious young lives cut short. The garden was officially opened by Bishop Bethlehem Nopece on the 1st of December 2006. The House of Resurrection Children’s Haven also has a vegetable and fruit garden project that is maintained by the persons living at the home.

The team and the residents of the home were so happy and grateful for our contributions and time we spent with them. Our contributions to the organisation consisted of a computer, educational toys, party packs for the children, fruit trees and vegetable seeds for planting.

Thanks very much to Odette Frank our regional manager Liz, Carmen and the Korsten team members for their contributions in making this venture possible. Truly a morning well spent.

Our entire Korsten team has decided to donate R10.00 per person on a monthly basis. These funds will be used to purchase meat for the home as they cannot afford this expense. This was an initiative undertaken by Hollywoodbets team leader, Odette.

Contact Info:
House of Resurrection Haven (Aids Haven)
Address: 83 Adams St, Salsoneville, Port Elizabeth, 6059
Phone: 041 481 1515

Hollywoodbets Korsten planting greens at the House of Resurrection (Port Elizabeth) - Social Responsibility