Young Stars Go Purple And Yellow - Hollywood Mossel Bay

Western Cape
Hollywood Mossel Bay
Heart to Heart Care Centre

Young Stars Go Purple And Yellow

Heart to Heart Care Centre’s vision is to restore hope by uplifting and empowering communities in Mossel Bay. Their goal is to continue to make a difference in the HIV/AIDS field.

Heart to Heart adopted a soccer team and through them we got involved with the Young Stars U12 soccer team last year. They were unbeaten in their club division and definitely lived up to their name.

Hollywood Mossel Bay decided to reward the team, coach and manager by sponsoring them with tracksuits. The coach, Edgar Ntebe, believes that a child in sport is a child out of crime.

Hollywood is proud to have the Young Stars kitted from head to toe in purple and yellow when on the field and now they will look the part off the field in their tracksuits as well.