Bethesda Child & Youth Care Centre 2012/13 - Hollywoodbets Kynsna

Hollywood Knysna donated school uniforms and hospice equipment to Bethesda in the Western Cape. This is part of Hollywood's Social Responsibility Program.

Western Cape
Hollywoodbets Knysna
Bethesda Child and Youth Care Centre

On 17 January 2013 team members from Hollywoodbets handed over school clothes to 45 children in the care of Bethesda in George. This included shirts, pants, socks and shoes. The hospice received much-needed medical equipment like blood pressure machines, bedpans and much more.

Bethesda is a Christian faith based multi-denominational section 21 Company; providing comprehensive medical care, social work services, relief and pastoral care to destitute community members, irrespective of their race or creed; with the aim of assisting these communities to develop sustainable programs capable of overtaking the devastating socio-economic impact of the HIV/AIDS and poverty crisis.

Bethesda Child and Youth Care Centre - Hollywoodbets George

The Hollywoodbets George team donated school uniforms and more to the Bethseda Youth Centre.